After a final round of cuts, a final list of entrepreneurs and businesses were chosen to participate in the accelerator program conducted by EforAll Lowell-Lawrence. Mentor matching, 12 weeks of business classes, a huge community of entrepreneurs and alumni, and of course the chance to win prize money to help their businesses. A huge congratulations to the entrepreneurs who are taking this first step towards success.

Full list of winners:

Justin Amevor → Doughboyz Food Services LLC

Bridget Anderson → Just Dream

Jeff Bramhall → Just Breathe Manual Therapy

Melissa Burgio, Kelly Murphy → Virtually Focused Media

Noelle Cutler →…

Congratulations to our Winter 2021 Lowell-Lawrence Business Accelerator Semi-Finalists! After careful consideration of the many applications submitted we have narrowed it down to this strong group of businesses and entrepreneurs:

CB Connect → Katrina Everett

Cooking With Kelcy → Kelcy Scolnick

Corene’s Corner → Symaria Mitchell

Doughboyz Food Services → Justin Amevor

Getting Up → Ada Torres

Housing for Single Parents in College → Stephanie Lopez

JujuBees Organic Hair Care → Gabrielle Deschamps

Just Breathe Manual Therapy → Jeff Bramhall

Just Dream → Bridget Anderson

Lauren Ward, Pet Death Doula → Lauren Ward

Leather & Lace K9 Academy → Noelle…

The Week 9 Public Speaking seminar was, as anyone one who was in class knows, very emotional for me. Speaking about why you started your business, especially when it comes from such a personal place, can be difficult to accomplish without a few tears. My classmates were very supportive, especially those who knew exactly where that emotion was coming from (thank you!). I learned the importance of telling a story that will connect with my audience emotionally and that practice will be extremely important before our final presentations in late August.

I also learned the importance of LAMBS (Lighting, Audio…

By Suchi Mumford, owner of Marigold Bazaar

While we have spent several weeks thinking about our businesses, at the end of the day we need these ventures to make some money. Ideally, our businesses will support us but we also hope that they will exceed our expectations and do very well financially. Isn’t that part of why entrepreneurs take that leap? To succeed in something that they own?

Presented by Scott Lewis and Lisa Raiche, the class on pricing delved into the many things to consider before putting a price on our products.

The Value of our product sets the…

By Jennifer Ginty, Founder of Defining the Style and creator of My Mental Health Doll

My name is Jennifer Ginty and I am a finalist in the 2020 Lowell/Lawrence Accelerator Program. I’m currently developing a buddy for people with explosive behavioral issues and their family to cope better with their frustrations. As a person living with PTSD and the mother of a child with explosive behavior, I wanted to provide a tool to help them through their outbursts and anger. …

By Joanne Saprapasen of Community Adult Day Center, 2020 Summer Cohort

My name is Joanne and I am an EforAll student, and founder of Community Adult Day Center. Today I would like to give my insight on Surveys.

For any startup, research is the key to success. Surveys will help a startup identify the need of the service intended; survey will help us understand how the business can solve the consumer problem; survey will help in pricing the service or product, and most of all survey will assist a start-up in understanding their consumer’s behaviors and how to reach them.

By Brian Ruhlmann of Craft Hot Sauce, 2020 Summer Cohort

Entering the Thursday class during the third week of the EforAll Lawrence/Lowell Summer business accelerator program, it felt like we were starting to get our EforAll sea legs.

Brian at the Lowell Mill №5 Farm Market

For many of the entrepreneurs in the program, the first two weeks felt like a whirlwind with us thinking about our businesses in different ways and doing a deep dive into our customers segments and matched value.

Coming into our Goals class, I had a much more precise focus on who I was serving and how my business would spark more joy…

by Suchi Mumford of Marigold Bazaar, 2020 Summer Cohort

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the EforAll 2020 Summer Accelerator program! This summer the program is being run a little differently. Due the the COVID-19 Pandemic, our group is not able to meet in person. All classes this summer will be held virtually. The staff at EforAll are doing a great job fostering a sense of community during these very strange times. We have a great group of entrepreneurs who are all using this time to shape and develop their businesses.

My name is Suchi Mumford and I am developing an online…

We are so excited to welcome the 2020 Summer Accelerator Cohort to our EforAll family!

At EforAll, we’re used to our entrepreneurs making history. But this summer, the 15 entrepreneur teams we’ve selected as part of the 2020 summer cohort are even more groundbreaking, because they’re part of our very first totally virtual accelerator program!

Due to the pandemic, EforAll’s free accelerator program is 100% online. We’re especially proud of this resilient group of entrepreneurs because they’ve already navigated interviews, mentor matching, and our first week of classes: all over Zoom! They’re rising to the challenge not only of starting…

A glimpse into a session in the Accelerator on articulating your brand promise

Hey everyone, I am Andrea Magnell of TLC Autism Parent Community. TLC is a start-up non-profit that supports the parents of children with autism because parents need support just as much as children do. When parents are supported, children thrive.

I can’t believe we just completed week 9 here at the accelerator. It has been an amazing journey so far, filled with many inspiring teachers and topics but I have to say that this week was a personal favorite for me. We had the honor and privilege…

EforAll Lowell-Lawrence

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